About Us

Tatami Kids was created to tackle the ongoing problem of lack of quality and diversity in products for new families with children. Very few offerings in the market gave a balance between comfort and aesthetics. 
All other children's mats were ugly and hard. As mothers and fathers ourselves, we wanted a mat that was as soft and comfortable as possible, as well as a mat that fit in with the decor of our homes that we spent years in building just right. We didn't want to compromise with that was already in the market, this is why we created Tatami Kids!

What We Do

Tatami Kids solely specialises in producing our unique soft memory foam mats. Designed specifically for children, we created a mat that makes playtime comfortable and safe. Our mats come in sizes that fit any apartment or house, in a full array of beautiful colours, and in 30mm or 20mm memory foam thickness. 

The History of Tatami

Tatami is a mat that was originally used as a luxury item in aristocratic Japanese homes during the Heian period. Made out of rush and rice straw, when crafted by artisans (which the Japanese are famous for), became an incredibly soft flooring. Over the generations, tatami mats have been a staple in every Japanese home for centuries.

Japanese people and their culture promoted sitting, sleeping and eating on tatami mats because of the postural benefits it brought to the user - helping to stretch the knees, hip and spine, whilst strengthening the shoulders and back muscles. It also promoted the building of close bonds amongst the family, as most, if not all, time spent with the family was on a tatami mat.

Over recent generations, homes have lost the tradition of incorporating these mats. Our drive at Tatami Kids is to bring back the sentiments, philosophies and benefits that tatami mats bring to families across the globe! We do this by modernizing the tatami mat with inner plush foam to make it even softer than its traditional counterparts and designing it to be chic and stylish, with a full array of modern color tones.

Company Values

  • Recycling & Sustainability: One of our most crucial stances is environmental sustainability. This is why all our packaging and printed marketing material is 100% recyclable, and our poly-mailer that is used to ship the mat to you is fully biodegradable too.
  • Giving: We believe that we, and other businesses, have a responsibility to people less fortunate and the community at large. Tatami Kids donates all remnant inventory of our products to child welfare communities within the areas of our operations. We also donate to "Save the Children", Asha for Education" and "UNHCR" organisations throughout the year. We hope, and are trying hard daily, to someday start our own not-for-profit organisation that will strive to help educate children from impoverished environments in emotional, financial and behavioural training and self development. 
  • Quality: When providing for kids, we feel that we have a responsibility to ensure that our products are the safest and harmless to whoever uses it. All our products go through strict quality control and adhere to the manufacturing standardisations that are preset. We also went the extra mile to get our products certified by US and EU regulatory bodies for safety and standardization.
  • Child Development: The culminating factor why Tatami Kids was built is to ensure children's development is understood and taken seriously. We hope to introduce further products and services that are tailored around children and child development. Our children are the future, we at Tatami Kids want to provide them with the best and see that each and ever one leads happy, healthy and wealthy lives.