Thick, Soft and Velvety Smooth Kids Mat

The Modern Play Mat for the Contemporary Home


Soft, Stylish and Smooth - Complement Your Home With The Modern Play Mat


Incredibly soft, we constructed our mats to be plush and springy through the inner memory foam material. Playtime has never been so safe from bumps and falls.


Based off centuries-old, traditional Japanese Tatami mats, world renowned designer, Hiroshi Matsuno, adapted our mat's design to bring it to the modern home across the world. Chic and minimalistic, along with ten stunning color tones, ensures our mats compliment any living or kids room.


Our 'Velvet Coral' outer lining provides a luxurious and sensational feeling to the touch that both children and parents love. The velvety topcoat, in addition to the inner foam, only adds to the silky softness of the whole mat. Trust us, it's even more comfortable than relaxing on the sofa!

Why Our Playmats

Two Thickness Options

Our thickest 30mm mat, great for kid's playtime and for the whole family to relax and bond on. Our 20mm mat, perfect for infants to learn crawling and walking on with safety; giving a soft yet sturdy foundation to practice.

Easy Cleaning

Fabrics used in our mats ensure minimal and quick cleaning. Simply spot/wipe clean spills and spit-up, and frequent vacuuming cleans dirt and residue. It's even hand or machine washable for an occasional deep clean. Our mats stay fresh, stainless, and hygienic with absolutely no hassle!

Quality Material

The outer, inner, and bottom materials are all specifically designed and engineered to make our mats breathable and cooling during the summer, and insulating and cozy during the winter. Perfect for snuggling with your kids in any weather.

Professional Build

We strive to only use the best materials available. Constructed through highly skilled stitching ensures our mats lasts for years. It grows alongside with your kids!

Laboratory Tested & Globally Certified

Rest assured, Tatami Kids' mats have been analyzed, tested, and approved by both U.S and European Safety Standards making them perfectly safe for babies and children to play on.


Small rubberized grips pattern the bottom of our mats to ensure no slipping and moving occurs when played and stepped on, providing an extra addition of safety, protection and reassurance for the whole family.

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